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How, or better yet why, would an Ambassador in Christ become an Ambassador in health and wellness?

Wow. It’s really happening. I just signed the contract and it’s official. The Open House will be here at the Solon Community Center and it’s pretty sentimental to me. We launched our church here many years ago. I must digress…

My life bears witness to the truth of Proverbs 9:10a which declares, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom:” Most of what I do is because of my adoration and love for God. Some of what I do, is out of sheer fear of the cost of disobedience. I reverence the Lord: where He leads me, I follow…period.

So oftentimes, I look foolish to others — I am aware of that. Like most people, I fear ridicule. I don’t long for persecution. I’m only human. Yet, I embrace peculiarity as a part of my call. It wasn’t always this way though. I remember the first time I faced this fear.

I was a member of an evangelical church and there was always this part at the end of the service where the ministers would instruct us to go “evangelize the house”. I would immediately clam up. I didn’t want to go and “evangelize”. I didn’t want to face rejection…they might say no, or they might get offended. 

The Holy Spirit promptly dealt with me. I felt the spirit of the Lord say, “if you are ashamed of me on earth, I’ll be ashamed of you in heaven.” I moved out of my seat speedily and began to evangelize the house. “Would you like me to walk with you to the altar so you can give your life to Christ?” I’d ask. Some would say, “no”. Some would say, “thanks but I am already saved”. But, then some would say, “yes”.

Wow! What a glorious feeling it is to lead someone to Christ! Well worth the rejection and the momentary discomfort. Now, I get the privilege of serving God in full time ministry. I have planted churches with my husband and we get the awesome privilege of helping people get closer to Christ on every realm of the spectrum every day!

I’ve come along way from being afraid to obey God. Flash forward to today, how does an Ambassador for Christ also become an Ambassador for health and wellness. Well, for me the answer is simple—I still follow and obey God. He has ordered my steps to do so and I am delighted that He still trusts me to impact others’ lives.

There is so much more I could say. I recognize many will be perplexed, and maybe even suspicious or critical. I’m accustomed to that, persecution doesn’t sway me. I’m not here for those that say “no”. I’m not here for those who say, “I already have a solution to my health problems” or even “I already have a solution to my financial problems”. I’m here for the ones who, like me, have been searching and praying for an answer.

God showed me a way of escape. A path to better health and financial freedom. I am so delighted to share it with those He sends to embark upon this journey with me. If that’s you, please take a moment to text PLEXUS to 54244 and I’ll be happy to share the date and time with you directly. 

What if this could change your life?