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Happiness is Underrated

I often get asked the question, do you miss practicing law.  Do I miss being unhappy? Absolutely not.

Not that the profession itself is bad…it’s great! I remember what prompted me to become a lawyer like it was yesterday. I was overwhelmed by a number of injustices I witnessed in my community, and yet I knew that violence wouldn’t be the answer for me…I lost every physical fight I had ever been in, I think?  I saw being able to study and master the law as a tool for forcing people to correct wrongs and helping people get justice. And master it I did.  Come to think of it, I was pretty dog-gone good too! lol

I remember an opposing attorney telling me once that when he saw my name on the complaint he almost died because he really didn’t want to see me in the court.  I was a fierce competitor and I never lost a case in 10 years, mostly because I was a person of principle and I wouldn’t take frivolous matters on (or to court at least).  In the end, I was super zealous about defending people’s rights. I remember another opposing attorney asking me if my client was my cousin or something.  lol  She wasn’t!  I just took it very, very serious that I had the ability to help someone get something they desperately needed, and I went all in…until I received the call.

Not a phone call, silly! A call to ministry.  🙂  After that, I knew that I was needed for a greater purpose and I closed my practice and never, I do mean never, looked back.  I realized that while I was good at it, I wasn’t happy.  Stop the presses.  Happiness is important. You may make a lot of money at something, but if you’re unhappy you have to decide whether you value quality of life or money more.  For me it is the former.  So I was unmoved by the money I would forgo.  But, then something miraculous happened.  After I followed God’s leading, not only did I find happiness, but I found purpose!  If you’ve only had just money, you have no idea how valuable purpose really is.

Watch this…then the money began to replenish itself in ways I never could have expected.  I found that when you seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, all the other things you desire are unexpectedly added to you.  I am full with happiness now reflecting on the journey of trusting God and walking away from “the prize” to achieve “the true goal”.  I share this to encourage someone else today to follow the Lord wherever He may be leading you, even when it seems bonkers! There is a method to the madness.

One of the things I am most proud of is the marketplace ministry I have with a direct selling business that allows me to help women develop an extra stream of income.  When you know a career move is imminent, or there is a sudden loss of income in your household (because a spouse is ill or maybe you left a toxic relationship), one of the first fears you have is, how will I support myself?  Knowing that you can make an extra $100 an hour on the weekends is a huge safety net for most people planning for a transition.  If you find yourself in this place today, in need of such an opportunity for whatever the reason, it would be my utmost privilege to help you as a sister in Christ and business mentor.

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