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I’m learning many people don’t want something unless it’s already “put together”. The man or woman that already “has it all together”, or the business or church that is already “all that”. They would prefer to skip the journey to the desired outcome and get straight to the expected end. Me personally, I feel like taking that approach is an excellent way to miss the blessing of the process. Words cannot describe the incredible lessons, experiences and richness that comes through the process of building. I wouldn’t trade it or skip it for anything.

And the bonds born between those that build with you are irreplaceable. This little tribe here is so special. Each with their unique gifts and abilities. Anna the intellectual and analytical one processes and deciphers the instructions. Leah the determined and hard working socialite executes with excellence coordinating the players. Nicholas the creative and technologically savvy one comes up to solutions to overcome obstacles. CJ the inspirer and encourager extraordinaire lets everyone know they are doing a great job and cheers them on with the words he has learned from his mama “never give up”.

Whatever your goals, build a winning team, embrace your differences and position each person to maximize your collective strengths, work on one accord with a singular goal in mind and celebrate your success. So proud of this little team and excited about the team I am building for the health and wellness brand I represent also. We just started working towards the goal of a company paid cruise to the Bahamas this Fall. If you would like to join this winning team, I would love to connect and discuss how we can work together to achieve our health and wealth goals. No matter what the goal #teamworkmakesthedreamwork.