Opportunity of a Lifetime Webinar


A 30 minute webinar designed to give those interested in earning a residual income from home (or anywhere) additional information about the company and compensation plan.


Health and happiness are two key ingredients to a fulfilling life, and in this short webinar you are going to hear about how an opportunity can help you attain both.  We’ll cover:

  • An Introduction to Plexus
    What is Plexus? What are Ambassadors? What is the mission?
  • Plexus Products
    What are Plexus Products? What types of problems do they solve? Who benefits from them?

  • An Introduction to Social Marketing
    What is social marketing? How does it work? What does that mean for me? 

  • Plexus Opportunity?
    Can I share Plexus? Will I be compensated? Are there any other perks?


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