I empower, coach and assist dynamic women who desire to excel in their callings with training, strategies and techniques they can utilize to achieve their goals and make an impact.

I also help savvy business women enter the network marketing (direct sales) industry so they can create an additional stream of revenue and enjoy time freedom and financial freedom.

– Alicia Lytle


While a growing number of people are dissatisfied with their jobs and their income, most feel there is no escape since they lack the information or resources to start their own business.  Alicia can help you launch your business and provide the leadership, coaching and training you will need to create an additional stream of revenue.

25016719c506ef21007c871a6e0589d9598fd43e992389Alicia accomplished the American dream when she became the first person in her family to graduate from college. She amazed her family and friends when she went on to attend law school, graduate and even pass the bar exam on the first try!  She was a successful lawyer, and everyone was so proud and happy…except Alicia.  She had employment without fulfillment.

2501679138288af76fcb0297a13af37a16e4c1efe9c576Alicia soon realized that this was not the path she was destined to continue and made a detour.  For her, this journey involved planting a church, establishing a non-profit agency and building a direct sales organization.  Having navigated an unexpected path to happiness and success, Alicia draws from her experience in ministry, social services and business to help others excel.

250167c1ade781f85049f292ceb945da249cd794a17489Are you at a similar crossroads?  Explore this site, where you will find encouragement for your journey, information for your professional development, and even fitness products for your personal enhancement.  You will also find contact information to book Alicia to motivate and inspire your group, or enlist her to educate and empower yourself for success as an entrepreneur.