From the heart

Those of you that have known me for a really long time remember what it was like when I accepted Jesus. It was like I discovered a lost treasure and I couldn’t stop talking about the change He brought about in my life. 

Lost a lot of friends too. I remember how painful it was. I had a new life and I knew that not everyone would embrace it or care to hear about it. Yet, I was blessed in that many caught the passion and wondered, ‘maybe I should try Jesus for myself’. I won friends to Christ and several have gone into ministry as we co-labor to win souls for Christ.

So, I shouldn’t be surprised at the response I’ve received since making Plexus a part of my life as well. If people were turned off from me sharing Jesus, I have to expect some will be turned off from me sharing Plexus.

It still hurts my heart. I share what I strongly, deeply and passionately believe will positively impact people’s lives. I want so badly for everyone to experience the joy and happiness I have that is so readily available to them.

Yet, I am reminded God has given us all free will. People are free to watch my journey, or not watch my journey. People are free to join my journey, or not join my journey. And yes, people are free to mock me, unfriend me and block me, if they so choose.

I will say this . . . if you can still see this, that means you’re still with me. Please know my heart. I pray that you will have eternal life and life more abundantly. I pray that you live a life that brings God glory. I pray that your soul prospers and that you be in good health. I pray that if you lack in any area and the Lord provides a way of escape, you would receive it. 

I pray that if something blesses you, you would share it with others who need it as well. And I pray that if you won’t share, you would pray for those with the courage to do so. May those who do good to others receive your prayers instead of your judgment.

And to those who are on this journey like myself enduring persecution, keep your head up. Doing what is right isn’t always popular. Keep going for that friend who will get a great report from their doctor because you shared. Keep going for that friend who was facing foreclosure until you shared an incredible opportunity. Remember, your blessings come from the Lord. He sees you and He knows your heart. 

Everyone is winning!

Last week Team Excel of Plexus Worldwide had its first social in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and it was a blast!

We ate, got to know one another, played games, shared health testimonials and gave away lots of prizes!

But the funniest thing is one foxy lady did a clean sweep on ALL the prizes! Hey, when you are a winner—you do what winners do—WIN!

We had such an amazing time and there is still an opportunity for you to win by joining this winning team!

Visit and see why this would be a great opportunity for you too! Join us and meet up as Plexus tours the nation.

Team Excel is taking this party on the road.  Where should we go next??? 

Opportunity of a Lifetime 2017 Tour

I’m relatively new to Plexus so while I have been faithful about sharing the impact the products can have on your life, I am learning new ways to share with you how the opportunity can be a blessing also. 
Now that I know about this tour, I have to share this with you as well. At each stop, two of our top leaders (Diamond Ambassadors) are sharing while a member of our corporate team (usually either our president or our CEO) will make a guest appearance. 

In case you didn’t know, our company has been featured multiple times in the Success from Home magazine. Hundreds, not a handful, earn six-figure incomes and thousands more earn a handsome full-time income from this business at home.

This tour is a phenomenal opportunity to experience the culture of Plexus and hear from those at the forefront of the company’s success. If you are thinking about a career change or wish to have success while at home with your family, you don’t want to miss this. 

It is taking place now all across the country. There may be one in your state and if you are interested please let me know. Just drop me a comment with your email address and I’ll contact you.

Disclaimer: Plexus makes no guarantees on income, as such representations may be misleading. Your success depends on your efforts, commitment, skill and leadership abilities, and how effectively you exercise those qualities. Please see the Plexus Annual Income Statement 

Visit: to begin your journey today!

Why share what you love?

It’s only natural to share something that appealed to or worked for you. 

Network marketing gives you the opportunity to cash in on that sharing and Plexus Worldwide® has the exclusive products people are talking about. You can start your business for as little as $34.95 with two great product packages of $99 and $199 upon enrollment. 

Whether you are trying to make extra monthly income to help with the car payment or you want to earn an extraordinary income, Plexus Worldwide® provides you with an opportunity to achieve your dreams based on your skill and efforts. – See more at:

So I’m not the only attorney turned network marketer, huh?

Why in the world would an #RN and an #attorney in their 50’s quit their “real” jobs to join a network marketing company? Shouldn’t they be smart enough not to get involved in a pyramid scheme?! 😂

Kim Johnson Rankin is an Emerald Ambassador in Arkansas and when I heard her story I fell in LOVE and know you will too! This is what she says…

“So, let me be honest. It’s not as though Dan and I woke up one morning and said “Let’s chuck convention and ‘peddle’ natural health supplements.” What we were waking up and asking ourselves was “Is this it? Is this how we are going to live out our days?” We, along with probably a lot of you, have spent our careers subject to other people’s budgets, agendas and politics – which truth be told, had us feeling boxed in, capped, frustrated and wondering how in the world could we do this for the next several decades….honestly, how could we continue another year?!!! Life is too short, that we have learned the hard way…..that gerbil wheel will keep spinning if we don’t make a choice to take control of OUR success, happiness and the legacy we could only DREAM about creating, while in our current “real” jobs. We would get ahead, then take some life hits and fall backwards. While we prided ourselves for always brushing ourselves off and staying in the game, we were working real hard to just keep that gerbil wheel rolling! What craziness and downright exhausting!

Now, there is not one person who would argue that both Dan and I aren’t healthier, both physically and mentally, than we’ve been in well over a decade. So our belief in what these products could do was established quickly and to date, remains unshakeable. But why not just drink that Slim and call it good, Rankin? For heavens sake, don’t walk away from “secure” respectable jobs….is there really such a thing?

So here is the rest of the story. We quickly recognized that this Plexus opportunity would be that vehicle to reach what we could only dream about in our current 9-5’s. As any responsible adults would do – we researched, investigated and researched some more. I poured into the science behind the products, Dan picked apart, combed over and tried to poke holes into the business model. We both came back with the same conclusion….rock solid and we would be fouls NOT to jump all in!!!

So here I sit at the Lexus dealership getting my free car from Plexus serviced and have this amazing sense of peace. This year, we dared to invest in ourselves, we dared to dream and oh my gosh – what amazing joy and freedom has come from this!! We did not let our fear, skepticism, misperceptions or ‘what if’s’ keep us on that wheel, running in circles until we dropped.

So, like many of you, this time of year has me reflecting on the past months and looking a head to 2017. This new year, we will see the framework of what will become our legacy, Danny’s Victory House, thanks to Plexus. I can feel the warmth in the house, I hear the trembling voices getting stronger with each visit, I see the pictures of those that left us too soon and I can smell those candle scents which bring a wave of comfort to our souls. Plexus is our VEHICLE to leave a mark in this world – bringing back hope and joy to families who are struggling with grief, particularly after the death of a child.  

As you spend time reflecting over what has passed and what’s to come….I dare you to dream. It’s the most secure investment you can make in yourself and family! And if you’re looking for a vehicle, whether it’s a couple extra hundred bucks a month for the emergency or vacation fund or truly life-changing money–this attorney and RN have done our homework and would love to help you perhaps realize your dreams too.”

What an awesome testimony! Boy, can I relate! Can you? Start your journey now at and let me show you the way.