Secret Gut Invasion

How You’re Harming Your Gut Microbiome

There’s an invasion happening in your gut—how are you going to respond? This invasion harms the community of bacteria living within us all—you know, your microbiome. We’re exploring your biology to better understand how the bacteria in your gut works and how you might be unintentionally harming it through a gut invasion.

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Today’s Holiday Boutique

You know I really love Plexus to get up at 6:45 AM on a Saturday for a vending event. 😳 But, somebody needs what I have. So I went with the prayer that they would discover it today because of my obedience.

I have some inventory left from today’s vendor boutique available for sale. Feel free to add what you want to the cart, but then enter BOUTIQUE as the coupon code as a special treat for subscribing to my blog.

Click here to shop online now —> Virtual Vending Table

Please keep in mind, this is just a ‘virtual vending table’ and is only going to show the personal inventory I actually have on hand for my business.

(The full suite of products are on my actual website which I can direct you to if you don’t see what you desire here).

Take a look if you’re ready to give yourself or a loved one the gift of better health this Christmas, and if you like supporting small business owners.

Thanks in advance!

Gut Health is Key

I’m not sure if an apple a day really keeps the doctor away. But, let me tell you what I do know . . . gut health is the key to better health.

I can help you develop a regimen to improve your gut health so you can experience better mood, sleep, energy, weight, skin and so much more.

Just text GUT HEALTH to 234-206-1599 whenever you’re ready.

Check It with the Chek Kit

Every day, approximately 110 women in the United States die from Breast Cancer . . . every day, according to 2015 statistics from the American Cancer Society.

Early detection saves lives. Sensory touch magnification can improve the effectiveness of your self-exams. That’s why I am proud to highlight the Plexus Breast Chek Kit.

I am also honored to be walking — along with our President, Alec Clark, our CEO, Tarl Robinson, and thousands of Plexus leaders from across the country — next month in support of this cause.

To further my impact, I am personally gifting a Ribbons of Hope Scentsy Warmer on October 1. When you order a Breast Chek Kit from now through midnight on Friday, September 29th, you will automatically be entered to win.

So, now you have one more reason to check it.

21 Day Challenge Starts 9/9

Can’t wait to lose weight and feel great!

Happy Saturday!

Just posting a quick blog note to let you know that the start date for our 21 Day Challenge has been moved to next Saturday, 9/9.

We just want to provide sufficient time for all the packages to arrive to the participants. Plus, a few of you begged to start after the Labor Day weekend (no names mentioned).

This challenge is perfect for those that are determined to reach their fitness goals before this year ends. You get the tools that you need to build a better you.

Consequently, if you still want to join us, you can do so by texting CHALLENGE to (234) 206-1599, but you must do so today to ensure receipt of your products in time for the challenge.

If you want a little motivation take a look at a few of the results from the 60 Day Trim Up. I’m pretty sure you’ll be impressed. What we really want to see though, is what will YOU look like in 21 Days? The rest is up to you!

So before you slip off to enjoy your long holiday weekend — which may or may not involve a little overeating — join the challenge to be in position to repair the damage! lol

You’ll love the products, enjoy the accountability and support, and you may even win one of the prizes. Can’t wait to hear from you. It’s your turn to lose weight and feel great!

Wishing you health and happiness,

Alicia, Independent Plexus Ambassador