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Friends, I really do appreciate all of your support.
When you switch from your store bought vitamins, omegas and probiotics to my supplements, you not only upgrade to a superior product, but you support a friend.
You contribute to sports lessons, Christian education and my dream of financial freedom. 
That’s why I provide you such stellar service. I’m so grateful for you. Thank you for supporting my business.

Today I Choose Thankfulness

Oh boy. I don’t always blog, but when I do it’s because I feel an overwhelming obligation to share something the Lord revealed to me in more characters than would be appropriate in a Facebook post. And, this moment is one of those moments. I sent my two oldest children off to school today and felt so many emotions.

Yes, partly because my oldest daughter is entering the ninth grade this year. I think I just didn’t process that until just this moment. Just the other day I remember giving birth to her and changing her diapers and nursing her and what? Where was I? Seriously, how did she become a high school student??? Incredibly puzzling moment.

Then, my youngest daughter just departed for the seventh grade retreat. It’s a bit much for me. This is a new journey for her and she was just so happy and so excited. She has worked so hard to get to this moment and overcame many obstacles. I have seen the hand of God move to provide and I am just in awe of His Faithfulness.

The Lord truly is My Provider. I cannot begin to express financial commitment of having an elementary school, middle school and high school student going through private Christian education while a preschooler makes their way through private early childhood education. The cost is extensive, but it is the investment we were led to make.

It’s an investment we do not regret that comes with many intangible benefits, but many sacrifices as well.  When you accept a call from God that results in closing your law practice to build a ministry, it is not without financial consequences. Not every ministry is a mega church, and not every church is in a position to compensate its leadership.

My husband and I have graciously accepted our assignment to pastor at a church of the latter kind.  Yet, God has provided for our family like He provided for the prophets of old. It has taught us to lean and depend on Him in ways I would likely have never experienced if financial hardship had never been a part of my journey.

But it has, and yet God has and continues to supply. So, I can’t take finances to privately pay for their education for granted . .  . I give Him thanks. I can’t take uniforms and book bags and school supplies for granted . . . I give Him thanks. Every year my children stop and smile for the ceremonious photo before walking through those doors . . . for this I give Him thanks.

And, the fact that they walked through those doors is yet another miracle in and of itself for which I praise Him.  Hardly a day goes by that I don’t forward the post of a parent’s plea for help in finding their missing child.  Daily, I read an article of a child lost to illness, accident or crime.  My heart aches in unexplicable ways for a parent that is now without their child.

So, how can I complain that the cost of private school education is increasing? Or that the school supply lists are exhaustive? Or that they need new clothes and new back packs? Glory be to God that they are healthy and continue to grow. Praise be unto God that they are alive and well and able to return to school this year. Yes, I choose thankfulness!

I choose public thankfulness because someone else needs to be reminded to count their blessings. I choose public thankfulness because someone else needs to know the struggle to provide better for your children is nothing for which you should be ashamed. I choose public thankfulness because I desire to bring hope to someone wondering this very moment how they are going to get make it.

Yes, there are organizations and charities out there that provide aid . . . our church is one of them. But, I thank God we learned how to plug into the Source and I pray that you will do so today. Let God show you, as He has shown my family, that He is an Awesome Father and He can do exceedingly abundantly above all you could ask or think to ask in your life. Turn to Him today and let Him become the Source of your Strength.

I also pray today that you will be open to whatever way God desires to provide for you. The Lord gives us the power to get wealth. My husband and I are very grateful that we have had success in our entrepreneurial endeavors to augment our income. Much of what we do is not easily duplicatable because of unique assets or talents God has provided. But, our network marketing business is indeed the exception.

I take great joy in sharing this with you because you too may be believing God for finances to fund your vision for your family. I have the ability to work my business around my obligations to provide for my family and when I am not preparing to teach at our church. It’s such a blessing to have a business that complements my ministry and my family-oriented lifestyle.  I am grateful God provided this opportunity and equips me to help others seize it as well.

I would love to hear your feedback in the comments. Are you the product of Christian Education, and if so how did your parent’s sacrifices impact your life? Are you juggling the demands of meeting the financial obligations of private school, and if so how did you create an additional stream of revenue for your family? Have you experienced God’s Faithfulness to provide in your life, and if so in what ways? Let’s learn from each other.

God is Able! If He did it for me, He can do it for you! Be encouraged.

Attitude of Gratitude

We are approaching that time of year again . . . I will be celebrating my birthday again on March 12th.

Strangely, I am not desiring a bash or any fanfare. I’m desiring time to worship my Father for the gift of life and an amazing family to share it with.

What a beautiful gift? What else could anyone give me? What could compare?

On any given day, any person pictured here with me is getting on my last nerve:

Who takes my cell phone charger without my permission?

Who has a mouth that makes you want to rearrange their face?

Who only follows instructions after the thirtieth request?

Who knows how to agitate somebody to the point of no return?

Who will do something they know is forbidden but then offer the sweetest apology?

At any given moment, any member of my family can fit these descriptions to the T!

And yet, there is not one of them that I wouldn’t risk my life to save. I adore this peculiar group of people that God has joined me with under the heading “family”. The love is indescribable.

If the Lord blesses me to see them another day, make more memories, have new arguments, accomplish new goals, overcome new obstacles, then my birthday will be a blessed day.

I am grateful for another year. Happy another year of life aka Happy Birthday to me!

You Are Forgiven

Something very interesting happened yesterday. One of my kids had done something that they should not have done. I was driving in the car at the time so I informed them that they would suffer a consequence later. They responded, “I don’t care”. At that moment, I knew the punishment would have to be something that they would really care about, to teach a lesson. So I replied, “I’m glad you don’t care because the rest of us will be going to get ice cream and you won’t since…you don’t care.”

At that moment, I discerned the child was very disturbed. The child was thinking, what have I done and how am I going to get myself out of this mess. From that point forward, this child’s attitude improved. (I’m sorta trying to protect this child’s identity, but it’s getting hard, and if you know my family you know who it is I’m sure. lol). We had a great time all day, with no further incidents.

No more sibling fights, each one in their own individual space working on the projects they needed to complete. I truly enjoyed each of them.

We met my husband at the restaurant and enjoyed a nice family dinner and then it started to sink in for him/her, they are about to go get ice cream. When we left, I suggested that he/she ride home with Dad so he/she wouldn’t have to endure the torture of seeing us get ice cream, but he/she insisted on coming. Clearly, he/she had developed a plan.

So we get to the ice cream place and this child gets samples. I joke, “get all the samples you want because I’m not getting you any ice cream.” The other children begin to remind him/her that he/she is not getting ice cream. Everyone gets their ice cream and sits down to enjoy it. Here comes the good part. 

The child says, “Mommy, I’m really sorry for how I acted. Will you please forgive me?” I then proceeded to give the child a lecture of the importance of being obedient and respectful and the connection to receiving blessings, like ice cream. 🙂 I said “I will get you the ice cream this time, but if it happens again at least now you know you will care so control your actions and your mouth.”

The siblings were outdone! “How did this happen Mommy?” they asked. My response “Grace stepped in.” 

I just wanted to share with you this morning that God’s Grace has stepped into your life. Yes, you have been disobedient in so many ways. Yes, you have disregarded the consequences for sinful choices. Yet, you know you don’t want to forgo the blessings of God. You know He desires to give you His absolute best, if only you would repent and turn from your ways that are not pleasing to Him. And you must!

Even though those around you will say you deserve the punishment due you, God is waiting to forgive you. He desires that none shall perish, and sent His Son so that we might all have life AND life more abundantly. Will you ask Him sincerely from your heart to forgive you? I’ll give you a moment…

Yay!!!! If you just did, guess what?! YOU ARE FORGIVEN. I’m so happy for you! 

Well then, should we keep on sinning so that God can show us more and more of his wonderful grace? – Romans 6:1 (NLT)

Of course not! Let uss pray for the Holy Spirit to come into your heart and help you to walk with God forevermore. He has soooo much more in store for you! Everlasting life, a blessed life on earth, and yes, ice cream. ☺️

3 Strategies for working from home—with kids

So school is out and you are worried you won’t be nearly as productive as you were when school was in. Try these simple strategies to stay on track with your goals.

1. Create a Schedule

You are the CEO of your little family.  The success of the operations should be thoughtfully considered and planned just as you did your corporate work before you became a work from home mom.  Think of your home during the summer like a day care, or a camp (I call mines Camp Lytle).

You want some sort of structure or schedule that will manage expectations across the board.  Maybe you take it slow every Monday, or take a field trip every Wednesday or go swimming every Friday.  Perhaps you journal every morning, ride bikes every afternoon or play board games every night. 

Whatever or however, design a plan (with the help of the kids) and post it where everyone in the family can reference it.  This builds anticipation for the kids and gives them something to look forward to.  So when you are busy with work, they aren’t anxious because they know their time is scheduled too.

2. Wake up early
Kids can sleep in during the summer like its nobody’s business!!! If you sleep in too, you just lost hours of valuable concentration time! 

You will want to wake up early because they want to sleep late (but don’t let them go too far or they won’t go to sleep!)  Take advantage of this quality private time to plan the day, execute important work related tasks and set things in motion.

Have a set of activities and chores waiting on them when they finally wake to give you that extra time you need before you have to go into mommy mode. (i.e. Make your bed, brush your teeth, eat your cereal, shower, get dressed, write in your journal, read for 15 minutes, so on).

You’ll be amazed at how much you can crank out in these hours while the out-of-school kiddos are sleeping like babies and hitting their to-do list. If you work this properly, you can capture 3 to 4 hours of solid work time!

3. Get them active

You’ll be tempted to let them watch TV or play on their phones forever, but don’t do it.  At least wait until after there has been some physical activity to warrant the down time.

I love the park.  They will run up and down slides, swing, play and burn energy.  (You might even be able to sneak in some business calls).  Local festivals are great too because it involves a lot of walking, which is exercise. Don’t forget the community pool. Swimming is great activity and fun.

The point is, if you take them somewhere where they can exert energy, they will be tired afterwards. They may be interested in a nap. If not, you could allow them ‘screen time’ or other quiet independent activities (like coloring, puzzles, reading).  This should allow you to finish up something you didn’t finish in the morning.

These are just a few of many strategies that help me work with my kiddos while having summer fun. (I try to get in at least one week of a sports camp too, but I know that isn’t in the budget for every family).  I’d love to hear what you do to make it all work. 

Please share your ideas and comments.

@ladypastorpreneur:  Alicia is a wife, mom, pastor and business woman who helps other corporate women make the transition to working from home in direct sales (network marketing) so they can flexibly earn income while spending quality time with their families.  Learn more at