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You Matter

Have you ever questioned something you were asked to do? Like you assessed the situation and in your mind, you’re thinking “you want me, to do what?”

When I received the assignment to plant a new church the same thoughts crossed my mind. “Who me?” lol God has a habit of selecting people that haven’t exactly applied for the position.

Then — let’s keep it real — I wondered, there are so many amazing ministries out there, do we really need another? Through my period of preparation the Lord has gently shown me ‘YES’ even though a nice rebuke was in order.

Why am I sharing this deeply personal exchange with the Lord? Because He allowed me to know that many others have hesitated in accepting their assignments . . . whatever that assignment may be.

Maybe it’s because in a sea of others you experience the bystander effect and think you don’t really need to act because others will or already have. Maybe you think, how can I really add value?

Others have already written a book on the topic

Others have already started a business like this

Others have already begun a nonprofit in the area

What does that have to do with you? What I have learned is you have a specific sphere of influence. There are people that will respond to you that will not necessarily respond to others. So to assume that someone else can complete your assignment is dangerous.

There are people that need the gifts God has placed in you. Are you being timid? Are you being fearful? Are you procrastinating? The great news is that you can honestly share this with God in prayer and He will help you!

As you become clearer in God’s plan for your life and how important you are in the larger scheme of His Plan, you will sense the importance of your obedience. What’s holding you back? I would love to pray with you as well.