It’s impossible to escape so we might as well find healthy ways to handle it.

I taught a practical lesson on it from a biblical perspective last night that you may enjoy. Watch Are You A Worrier? to gain more insight on worry, how it effects you, and how as Christians we can overcome it.

If your worry stems from financial issues, there are two additional vehicles that I would like to share. One is a proven debt freedom course.  I have countless friends who have discovered financial peace through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Visit FPU to save $20 on your registration.

Another helpful vehicle is Plexus. I received my Form 990 yesterday and discovered in 2017 I earned five times the amount I earned in 2016. Establishing an additional stream of revenue can be extremely beneficial.

What’s more, worry has effects on your body as well. Studies show that gut health has a direct impact on your mood. Plexus offers plant based products that have been clinically shown to reduce anxiety and improve mood.

For more information on the business opportunity that can address financial worries or the natural products that can dramatically improve your health and happiness . . . Explore Plexus.

No matter what the cause of your worry, I want to see you get free. Please drop a comment below and I will add you to my prayer list. God can do exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or even think to ask. Let’s touch and agree for divine revelation and guidance to get you to a place of spiritual peace.

Free Membership Anyone?

I have been given a unique opportunity to extend a free membership to the family member or friend of my choice. It’s a $34.95 value and it grants you wholesale pricing on all Plexus products for a year. If you are interested, please comment ASAP because the code expires tomorrow.

Also, when you enroll there is a one-time opportunity to purchase a Welcome Pack which contains a variety of products BELOW wholesale pricing. Plus, you can take an additional $10 off the $99 kit or $20 off the $199 kit until tomorrow 5 p.m. EST. I pray someone can take advantage of this incredible opportunity before it expires.

Seek His Face

How many of you have teenagers? My Lord, they are interesting creatures. They know how to go in their rooms and giggle on their phones for hours without any parental communication . . . until they need you.

Then they will surface with an expert presentation on why you need to take them to the mall, so and so’s house, etc. It baffles me that they are master communicators when they have need of you. lol

It made me think of a phenomenon I have observed with many Christians. They totally ignore and neglect God, have no communication whatsoever, no prayer, nada . . . until something goes wrong.

Can I just encourage you today to mature in Christ and learn to dwell in His Presence simply for the sake of abiding in Him and take delight in Him? Let us grow in 2018 to seek His Face and not His Hand.

Snow Days can’t stop this #wahm

Days like today, I am so grateful for my home based business. It’s ANOTHER Snow Day but it’s no biggie because I work from home anyway.

I actually developed a webinar to help other moms who would like to work from home. I purposely made it generic so anybody can get value.

While it’s not specific to Plexus, I can’t imagine partnering with another network marketing company. When you are new to this industry, you may not know what to look for.

Plexus stands out because it has an amazing comp plan that rewards you for a variety of skill sets. Whether you’re a natural at “team building” or more of a “salesman” there is something for you.

But, the culture is incredible. It’s no secret I love the Lord and my family and it’s nice to be surrounded around ethical business people who truly put family first.

I was absolutely blown away when I saw the stroller section at convention last year and the nursing mamas room. Mamas wear there babies in the stage to accept awards.

And while loving Jesus isn’t a requirement, there sure are a bunch of leaders who do! We openly share our faith and I don’t have to compartmentalize myself. (Remember: your vibe attracts your tribe).

You have no idea how freeing it is to work in a business where you can be your authentic self. Yet, you are challenged in every way to be your best self. The emphasis on personal development is backed by the company with top notch training and support.

And last but not least, the friendships. This just makes me want to cry. I was one of those “no new friends” types but quickly converted when I experienced the love and fellowship of the people in this business. I look forward to conventions now because I have friends I can’t wait to see.

Anyway, this is too amazing not to share. It’s really a phenomenal opportunity for the person who is committed to improving their well being both personal and physical. Those who do so with a desire to help others do the same can find much success just by helping themselves and others.

If this sounds like an opportunity you’d be interested in we should definitely connect. Check out bit.ly/exploreplexus today and let me know what you think. I’m giving away one free membership (valued at $34.95). If you’re interested, comment “ME” to be entered in the drawing. And if you’d like to checkout that webinar, visit Become A Home Biz Boss.

Are you really ready for overflow?

We all love the song — my daughter praise danced to this on NYE — but the question I have for you today is, are you really getting ready?

See, we can’t just sit back and wait for OVERFLOW. It signals that we aren’t really ready when we aren’t getting ready before we see evidence of a thing.

Many of us never see the overflow because we never get ready. We don’t get ready because we don’t see evidence that it’s coming. See the problem?

So, what must we do? I promise you overflow is coming. I can assure you it is. By the spirit of God I know this like I know my name.

But my concern is are you getting ready? Are you doing the required trainings for your business? Are you studying for your ministry? Are you preparing for your spouse?

I know folks probably think I am crazy because I have put about a million infrastructures in place over the last week to position my family, ministry and business for overflow.

What are YOU believing God for and are you really getting ready? Don’t you dare miss this next move of God. As Bishop Jakes would say, Get Ready. Get Ready. Get Ready!