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I backslid, but I’m back (on track)

I’m not proud of it, but it’s true.

Maybe you can relate? You started a new way of life, but then slipped back into your prior bad habits? Maybe you gave your life to Christ and decided to live for Jesus, but then found yourself off course. Or maybe you committed to become vegetarian and found yourself at an all you can eat barbecue.

I committed to health and wellness, lost 45 pounds and then found myself with an expanding waistline again. But how does this happen? What contributed to this phenomenon? And what can you do to get back on track?

Well for me, the first step is acknowledgment. You can find yourself in denial. You can rationalize the change in direction. You can tell yourself that the path you were on was unnecessary or too difficult and that it’s not going to work. That will give you the much wanted to pass to regress and return to your old ways. But, resist that temptation. Just go ahead and shame the devil. Say, “self, we made a change and even though this change is difficult, I’m not turning back. We got off course, but it’s time to get back on track.”

Then, it may be painful, but examine your steps, reflect and see where you detoured. For me, it is clear . . . I lost accountability to myself when I “arrived”. I started off tracking my meals and monitoring my food choices. I was diligent about my gut health supplements daily. I weighed myself weekly. But then, I hit my goal! Alas, who needs this stuff now. I’ll eat what I want when I want. I’ll take my supplements when I feel like. And weighing myself is silly . . . Yep, that’s why I’m right back where I started.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you make a lifestyle change is to get overconfident and remove the safeguards and practices that helped you reach your goal. Just as born again Christians need to continue reading their Bible, surround themselves with others who support their new commitment and continually submit to the Lord for wisdom, direction and guidance — those of us on a health journey need to maintain all of the new lifestyle changes that helped us to achieve our weight loss goals.

But, do not linger on this element for the purpose of beating yourself up. This isn’t the time to throw a ‘woe is me’ party, but it is the time to strategize your comeback. Ok, so when you thought you were a little stronger than you actually were and you went to the barbecue joint on the corner and the aroma overtook you, it went south. Or when you saw that text from ‘you know who’ and you chose to reply instead of delete, things took a turn for the worst. So next time, we know where our weakness is and we will avoid that trap.

I have identified where I have to do better and I am committed to doing so with my head held high. Don’t let your error be the cause of you throwing in the towel altogether. Remember, your WHY. Remember, what motivated you to make the changes you have made in the first place and that with God all things are possible. You can do this! I’m not “big boned”, “meant to be big”, or whatever lies I might tell myself. How do I know this? Because I have already tasted the other side! I can get there again and stay there if I learn from the mistakes in my journey.

It is a journey! Grow in it, learn through it, continue on it . . . whatever it is. Who’s ready to make a comeback?

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