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As I was headed to bed last night, the Lord gave me an unusual set of instructions. As you may know, I am an Ambassador for a health and wellness company and I share how my life is being changed as I incorporate premium supplements into my lifestyle. Admittedly, I share what I have experience with . . . increased energy, weight loss, better mood, etc. — essentially gut health. Since I don’t have a personal experience with breast cancer, I don’t often share about a product that can help with the early detection of changes in the breast. When I do, it’s usually in October and it’s Breast Health month. Honestly, I was discouraged after sharing the Breast Chek Kit because it felt like we were more of a reactionary generation, concerned about our health only after a crisis arises without much interest in preventive health options. But, here I am blogging about it once again under the unction of the Holy Spirit with the hope of saving someone’s life. I have a limited supply of these breast check kits that I will give away. The initial instruction was for three, but I desire to give away all that I personally have in stock. I just woke up with an incredible burden to be part of the solution. I salute the incredible women (and men) who have braved the fight against breast cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have lost a loved one to this wicked disease. If I can help just one person detect a change early enough to make the difference in their life, I will be satisfied. I only have a limited supply on hand and it’s first come, first serve — one per person and you are responsible for the cost of shipping. Simply go here and use promo code CHEKIT to get yours today. Feel free to share with someone else that would be interested in this free gift, a $34.95 value. Let’s celebrate the brave survivors that share their stories and bare their scars to inspire us to value breast health year round. #breastcheck #survivor #lynnware

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Offer does NOT extend to Plexus Ambassadors

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