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Are you afraid to prune?

I love how the Lord speaks to me through the simplest truths.

Today, I prepared to throw away the flowers I purchased just before Resurrection Sunday to bring life to the room. (I love fresh flowers). But, as I prepared to do so I discovered many of the flowers were yet alive! Still thriving, still offering much beauty and aroma.

So what did I do? Throw away all the flowers or only the ones that no longer had life? The dead flowers of course! I didn’t feel guilty, I didn’t debate keeping them . . . I tossed them out! Sure the vase looks a little empty right now and it isn’t full like it was when I first placed them on the table, but at least the flowers that remain are alive!

Don’t be afraid to prune!!! Don’t be afraid to remove the things from your life that are dead! Yes, your circle may get smaller, but if what remains are the ones that love you, care about you, want to see you grow and take this journey with you, then don’t put quantity over quality.

I’ll take a few beautiful flowers over a bunch of dead ones any day. Thank you Lord for your morning revelation.

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