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Seek His Face

How many of you have teenagers? My Lord, they are interesting creatures. They know how to go in their rooms and giggle on their phones for hours without any parental communication . . . until they need you.

Then they will surface with an expert presentation on why you need to take them to the mall, so and so’s house, etc. It baffles me that they are master communicators when they have need of you. lol

It made me think of a phenomenon I have observed with many Christians. They totally ignore and neglect God, have no communication whatsoever, no prayer, nada . . . until something goes wrong.

Can I just encourage you today to mature in Christ and learn to dwell in His Presence simply for the sake of abiding in Him and take delight in Him? Let us grow in 2018 to seek His Face and not His Hand.

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  1. Inspiring post.

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