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Pay your dues

Do you call AAA asking them to come tow your car, but you aren’t a member?

Do you show up at a hearing wanting a union rep, but haven’t paid any dues?

Do you expect access to benefits and privileges of an association, but haven’t made the required investment?

Now is the time to reflect on the goals you have for 2018 and the sweat equity, time and money it actually costs to get what you want.

Stop looking to withdraw where you made no deposit.

Stop coveting another’s amazing performance when you wouldn’t even show up for rehearsal.

Stop eyeballing someone else’s victory when you didn’t want to make any sacrifices.

Instead pay your dues. Believe in yourself. Invest in your dreams. Passionately pursue your purpose.

Tap into the wonderful blessings God has in store for you. You are closer than you think. Don’t lose focus by comparing your journey and begrudging your process.

It’s time to excel! Lay the framework now for a happy new year!

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