‘Tis the Season to be Stressed? No . . . Blessed!

You know how some folks bicker after a loved one is gone and some rational person says, “I just don’t think this is how Momma would want us to act”?

Well, I just don’t think Jesus would want us all stressed out trying to figure out how we gonna buy somebody else gifts for HIS birthday. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Come on Sis! Come on Brother! You are absolutely, certifiably to blessed to be stressed. It’s okay if you can’t get your kid the iPhone X! Really, it is!

So here’s what I want you to do instead:

1) Find the craziest photos you can of you with your loved ones. (Not those picture perfect posed ones). 📷

2) Make a collage and thank God for them while doing this exercise. (This alone will bring a smile to your face). 🙏🏽

3) Make a list of activities to do this Christmas with them. (Believe it or not even teenagers still enjoy doing stuff). ⛄️

Pinterest is great but let’s go way back. Can you make a gingerbread house, bake some cookies, build a snowman, play Monopoly? I’ve seen my teenager put her phone down for this stuff! 😮

I PROMISE YOU by mid-January every year, half the toys I bought are either broke, or put away from lack of further interest antyways. 🙃

But, the memories we make will last a lifetime. 🤗Focus on what you DO have. I CHALLENGE you to make this a ‘memorable’ Christmas.

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