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God doesn’t make furniture

When I heard Bishop TD Jakes explain this, it reminded me of an experience I had with the Lord in my early twenties.

I was studying for the bar exam and had not yet reaped the fullness of the income from my law degree. In other words, I was broke.

I remember sitting in church service upset that I didn’t have an offering to give. I was really angry with myself. I thought, ‘How is this possible?’

‘How do you have a bachelor’s degree and a law degree and not have one dollar to put in the offering basket?’, I asked myself.

Then, I went home that night and released my frustrations to the Lord. I was quietly a little upset with Him too. So, I went ahead and confessed it. (He knew it anyhow).

Then God showed me so clearly, ‘You have the means to earn an income . . . you just refuse to attach a price to it.’ (mouth dropped)

You see, at this time I had a knack for making websites. I had made several websites for different people and ministries for free.

The Lord showed me that a workman is worthy of his wages and that I should be earning an income to support myself with this talent.

I was no entrepreneur though. Feelings of inadequacy paralyzed me. Would people be offended if I asked for compensation? Am I qualified to charge?

The questions went on and on. Finally, I resolved that my time was indeed valuable and that it was very simple . . . I would never know if I never tried.

Behold, out of necessity an entrepreneur was born. lol And people did pay me and I joyfully gave my tithes and offerings with a newfound sense of pride that came along with generating my own income.

Many of you are in the same boat today, not making enough income at whatever you’re already doing, but not having the time to go out and get a part time job.

You’re praying and asking God to help you, you need this, you need that — you need furniture, let’s say. But God doesn’t make furniture . . . He makes wood.

It is up to us to discover the natural resources amongst us — that the Lord has indeed given us — and to use them to create what we desire. (Remember Elisha and the Widow’s Olive Oil from 2 Kings 4)? It can be scary I know, we have never made furniture before . . . but we can.

The Lord put on my heart to offer a webinar to help people get started on this journey and I will be offering it once in the afternoon and once in the evening on December 12th.

If you would like to join us, take a moment now while seats remain and visit the registration page. It’s free to attend. My earnest prayer is that you will walk away emboldened and empowered to go make the prettiest coffee table we’ve ever seen. 🙂

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