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Thankful Thursday

Man, I’ve been meaning to share this story with you, but time kept escaping me. This #tossbackthursday gives me the perfect opportunity.

When I was preparing for leadership retreat a few weeks ago, I needed a pair of nude shoes but found the small tap on one of the heels was missing on mine. So I searched on the map and found that a local dry cleaners performed shoe repairs.

I dropped them off and was promised I could pick them up the next day, which was perfect! The plan was to get them before heading to bible study. Then my flight was 6:00 am the following day.


Problem arose when I came to pick up my shoes and they looked awful! Though they were NUDE and had a tan or light brown sole and taps, these people went and put a big bulky BLACK tap on a thin stiletto heel! And still wanted payment!


I was mortified. I was in disbelief about the AWFUL customer service and subpar work and more importantly, I was out of time to fix it. It was time for bible study and I had kid duties that night (which involved loads of homework), last minute grocery shopping, preparation for the trip, packing, etc.


(I was so swamped that I never even made it to sleep that night…I had to work all through the night right up until the 4:00 am arrival of the Uber for the airport transportation).


So imagine how highly agitated I was with my husband when he didn’t return home immediately after bible study ended, like I asked. I figured he was chatting it up with the members instead of honoring my request and I was texting and fussing. All the while, he was playing it cool saying “Yes, Honey. Sorry I am late. I’ll be home soon.” He just took it like a champ.


Soooooooo, imagine my surprise when he lay asleep in the bed at 2:00 am and I reach for my neatly folded stack of clothes and piles of shoes to pack and find a BRAND NEW PAIR OF NUDE PUMPS!!!!


OMG! So you mean to tell me after you finished teaching in Bedford, you raced to Nordstroms in Beachwood and went shopping for a pair of heels after a long hard day of work???


After what will be 16 years of marriage on 11/24, I am shocked that I still keep falling for the okey doke. I should have known he was up to something. #smh Feeling #thankful that after all these years he still makes my happiness his priority and will stop at nothing to provide for me.

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