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2017 Leadership Retreat Highlights

Though there are nearly 600,000 Ambassadors with Plexus Worldwide, less than 3,000 qualified for the 2017 Leadership Retreat. By the grace of God, I was one of them. I am thankful to all those who supported my efforts to earn this trip. Here are the highlights.

The only thing better than staying at the Gaylord Resort and Convention Center, was doing so courtesy of Plexus Worldwide. The accommodations were lovely and the resort property and meeting facilities were very nice.

After our arrival Thursday, we visited the Holy Land Experience where we were able to catch a phenomenal performance of the trial, death and resurrection of Jesus. I was profoundly touched by the prayer received afterwards from the actor who portrayed and embodied Jesus in His love and compassion even off stage.

We returned to the Gaylord where we enjoyed a Havana Nights themed Welcome Reception and had the opportunity to reconnect with my friend and sponsor, Diamond Ambassador Sara Marble and meet our president, Alec Clark and our chief executive officer, Tarl Robinson. We even had an opportunity to meet a pioneer in Plexus; Diamond Ambassador Shiela Medina. Did I mention we enjoyed the entertainment, as well?

I must also give honorable mention to the food. Yes, I’m a foodie and I cannot overlook the illustrious spread they had available for all the leaders attending with their guests. We felt very welcome and impressed by the reception they provided us.

Before retiring for the evening I was gifted a wonderfully thoughtful goodie bag by my sponsor to enjoy and use during the trip. It was a great finale to a day filled with God’s favor and love leaving me further appreciative of this business opportunity and the people I have gotten to meet on this journey.

Having already registered and received goodies from Plexus in a fashionable Messenger bag, I was armed and ready to attend the General Session. Amongst other impactful speakers, I was blessed to hear from my favorite author on leadership, none other than John Maxwell. He taught from his book the Five Levels of Leadership and imparted wisdom beyond the book that is sure to further my leadership skills, as well.

When the session ended, we were able to finally meet some Facebook friends in real life and snap some fun photos before heading off to Disney Parks.

Epcot was a blast! After arriving too late to attend the live culinary demonstration we had reserved for the Food Network Food and Wine Festival, we pressed our way to the Festival Center in hopes of at least eating our meal. By the favor of God, we received so much more! We were so grateful that the chef and host took time out of their day to personally interact with us and share what we missed as we enjoyed his delightful vegetarian dish. We enjoyed the conversation and the experience naturally and spiritually.

Our culinary adventure didn’t end there! First, we explored seafood with crab cakes and shrimp scampi dip, comfort food with a zesty cheeseburger and cheddar cheese macaroni handwich. Then, we satisfied our sweet tooth with a sweet avocado crema and a mango lassi.

We hopped over to Animal Kingdom so we could watch the Carnivale, ride the Exhibition Everest roller coaster, witness the Rivers of Light show and, of course, experience the Flight of Avatar. (If you can’t get a fast pass, be prepared for a 2 1/2 hour wait).

I was touched by the many instances God demonstrated his power. (How we made it back to our hotel on the shuttle was nothing short of a miracle). By the end of the night, I knew I would have blisters though. The good news is I have discovered omegas, vitamins and proteins heal blisters so I’m covered.

Our Saturday morning began at the crack of dawn where we showed up at 6:45 am for the much anticipated 5K walk. We had never participated in one and were delighted to be walking for such a great cause. Plexus donated to the American Cancer Society for every participant in the event. We were honored to be a a part.

Next up was the closing session. We got to hear from more great leaders and learn about our newest product, which I am super excited about. Every time I turn around my kids are getting a prescription for an antibiotic. So a 2-in-1 multivitamin and probiotic to help my kids achieve health and wellness too was icing on the cake. Plus, we got to sample it and it tastes great . . . like a sweet tart candy, except there is no sugar added!

At the close of the session, we enjoyed lunch with our team. Since we are from different states, this was quite the treat. Though the Plexus festivities continued with a Pirate Party, we departed afterwards to return in time to prepare for Sunday worship service.

In sum, this was a wonderful opportunity and I am very grateful for every customer that supports my business, every acquaintance that joined my team and every team member that expanded our organization. With the help of the Lord, collective will and a lot of hard work this was made possible. Thanks to every one who prayed for this day to manifest.

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