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Are you ready for this testimony???

Are you ready for this testimony???

Sooooo, once the general session ended we needed to make a bee line to Disney to make our scheduled pre-paid reservation for a LIVE Culinary Demonstration at Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

But, housekeeping was still in our room when we returned, so we were delayed in changing. Then my husband got a text and had to handle some business. Then our Uber picked up the wrong riders so we had to ride a bus to Magic Kingdom and then wait for and catch a monorail to Epcot. When we got to the park, we were further delayed in entering because I had to get my tickets converted from my phone to a card. 😪

I’ll be transparent with you. I was really sad. It was the highlight of my trip to Epcot. I was really disappointed as I watched the clock pass the start, then the middle and eventually reach the end of the demo time.

We pressed our way through the park and I started to feel despair. I thought we will never make it, why even keep pushing. But my husband, who knew how much this meant to me, insisted that we pick up the pace and run until the very end. So tired, hot and sad, I pressed through Epcot to arrive at the event as.all.the.guests.were.leaving.

We said, well let’s at least snap a photo with the chef and the host so we can have a keepsake of the experience we missed. And we asked if it was okay if we stayed behind and ate the vegetarian dish that was prepared for us in our absence. The Disney staff graciously obliged . . . this is what they do —� they specialize in memories.

So, we sat and ate our meals with a grateful heart that at least we got to eat and steal a picture. But then the chef comes to our table, takes photos with us, has a seat and gives us a personal explanation of the recipe and even shared with us the legend behind the meal, the Story of the Three Sisters. Then, the host Nicole joins us to eat and we are all sitting, breaking bread, talking about our kids, life, you name it.

I will share with you what I shared with them, this was yet another instance where God showed me . . . I LOVE YOU. Even your delay is not denial. If you don’t give up, I have something EVEN MORE AMAZING than what you hoped for in store. #ladypastorpreneur #myGodisawesome #testimony #dontgiveup #keeppressing

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