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Communication is key

Communicate. A simple but important word. Failure to do so can ruin relationships both business and professional. Learning how to do it effectively can salvage them and transform lives.

When I decided to become an attorney, it was this skill that impressed me most. I saw how Thurgood Marshall was able to impact the fate of our nation by effectively communicating his views with his peers on the Supreme Court.

I knew then I had to master that skill. I wanted to be able to express my thoughts without getting upset or using profanity or using anything other than words. I mastered this technique in the court room and was a very skilled lawyer.

Then I discovered an entirely different set of communication skills were needed in personal relationships. I had to discover how to interact with my spouse and others to resolve conflict effectively. It was very difficult but worth the effort. Relationships are priceless.

Now when I see people destroy relationships because they don’t know how to express themselves, so they build walls or shut down or go completely off, I realize that not everyone has embraced this word or developed this skill.

Challenge yourself. If you want to be a better leader, a better mate, a better friend, a better business woman or man challenge yourself to be a better communicator. If you can’t communicate, don’t expect to be great.

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