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Will you testify?

Though it is true that the Lord retired me from the practice of law, He continues to use analogies between faith and the law when He speaks to me. Today, He showed me how those of us who have witnessed His Power share something in common with those who have witnessed a crime.

We’ve all seen that movie where some innocent person, not applying for the job of witness, is thrust in the midst of a trial. They were simply going about their life when they witnessed something happen that must now be retold in order for someone else to get justice.

Yet, the person who is on trial doesn’t want them to testify. If they are particularly corrupt and evil, they may even set out to ensure that the witness testimony never goes forth. They may set out to kill them, or to steal and destroy evidence to avoid justice being served.

Many witnesses know this and some choose not to come forward, not to testify, because of the threat of harm or anticipation of harm from the wrongdoer. A conflict of conscience erupts that is ultimately overcome only when one remembers that this testimony is necessary to set someone free, or give someone the justice deserved.

God spoke to me this morning and said, that He has done a mighty work in your life. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was His Power that worked on your behalf. Your breakthrough, your blessing, your protection was released solely because God Himself moved on your behalf.

He is waiting for you to testify about His Goodness, His Mercy, His Power. But, perhaps, fear of ridicule has silenced you. What will people think if I share ‘that trial’? What will they think if they knew I went through ‘that’? Or, perhaps, you were prepared to testify and then the enemy began to intimidate and attack you so now you wonder if you even have a testimony. How can I testify when I am still going through?

But God is saying, Remember this is for His Glory. You don’t know who your testimony is going to set free! You don’t know who is going through exactly what the Lord just delivered you from. You don’t know who will draw encouragement and hope just from knowing what God has done in your life.

Of course, it is the intention of our adversary the devil to intimidate you, to question the importance of what you witnessed, to steal your testimony, to kill you if he can. But we have the best witness protection plan ever conceived! We belong to the Lord and no weapon formed against us will prosper!

He is depending on you to testify because you are the witness that someone needs to believe! You are the witness someone needs to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! You are the witness someone needs to receive eternal life and life more abundantly. So my question for you today is, will you testify?

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