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I was proud this summer, when I went to the Convention in Las Vegas and saw my company’s commitment to excellence, trailblazing innovation, family centered values and Christ honoring culture.

I was proud last month, when we donated $100,000 to the Salvation Army to help with first-responder efforts to Hurricane Harvey (AND started a matching fund for up to an additional $100,000).

I was proud this week, when our CEO initiated an around the clock effort to get more than 600,000 Ambassadors paid five days early because so many of us had been affected by the recent tropical storms.

Now, I am proud today that, after our company has worked extremely hard to promote top ethical practices at every level of the company, the BBB has taken notice and deemed Plexus Worldwide worthy of a coveted A+ rating . . . did you catch the PLUS?

I know some people question my willingness to affiliate with a MLM as a leader in the body of Christ, but never will I doubt what I heard from God about Plexus. His hand is truly upon this company and it IS a vehicle to deliver blessings to His people.

I am so godly proud of Plexus, the lives that are changed by these products and the lives that are impacted by this business opportunity, including my own and my family. I cannot wait to get to Leaders Retreat and learn from these phenomenal men and women of God.

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