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Back to Health!

Ok, so you’ve likely seen the slew of posts on your social media feed of proud parents returning their kids to school, whether kindergarten or college.

We’ve made great memories this summer and given them their send-off. Now it’s time for some self-care. Back to school for them — back to health for us.

The best way we can care for ourselves is to preserve our health and extend the longevity and quality of our lives. Experts agree that supplements are essential for both.

One common misconception is that you don’t need supplements if you eat healthy and exercise. In all actuality that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’ll Give You 11 Reasons Why You Need To Take Supplements *

1. You Eat a Standard American Diet
2. Soil Depletion
3. Water Depletion
4. Low-Calorie Diets Are Low Nutrient Diets
5. Non-organic foods contain fewer nutrients
6. Grain-fed Meat & Cooked/Conventional Dairy
7. Toxin Exposure
* * * Xenoestrogens (plastics, BPA, some molds, petroleum products)
* * * Industrial solvents and cleaners
* * * Unnatural lighting
* * * Food toxins
* * * Stress and lack of sleep
8. Nutrient Absorption Declines With Age
9. Exercise Increases Nutrient Needs
10. Supplementation May Help You Live Longer
11. Expense & Health

If you do the research, you’ll see that you really do need supplements, and I coincidentally really need your help to raise awareness.

I have been challenged to help those I care about, people in my network, add two new products to achieve their optimal health.

There are a few products I sincerely believe everyone should have to improve their health and wellness and they have worked remarkably for me:



BioCleanse – Cleanses the gastrointestinal tract, relieves gas, bloating, and discomfort, promotes regularity, removes harmful microbes and substances and relieves occasional constipation.





ProBio5 – Helps keep intestinal yeast in balance, supports a healthy intestinal tract, supports healthy digestion, helps improve natural response to imbalance and promotes healthy bacteria counts and pH levels in the gut.




MegaX – Provides support for a healthy heart, supports healthy lipid levels already in the normal range, provides support for brain health and helps with stress management.





XFactor Plus – Supports healthy immune function, supports healthy bones and muscle function, helps support healthy blood pressure levels, protects against free radical damage, boosts energy levels and metabolism, promotes mental clarity and concentration, and improves mood.


20170526105157_VitalBiome__150x221 (1)


VitalBiome – Helps reduce feelings of stress & improve mood, helps reduce GI distress, stabilizes stress hormones & promotes relaxation, supports a healthy immune system, helps relieve bloating & bowel discomfort.



All of these products come with a Satisfaction Guarantee.** None of these products are more than $40 retail and are even less for Preferred Customers.

A combination of any two of these supplements would have a significant impact on your overall health and well-being. And as if that isn’t enough — there’s more!

If you act now and order any two of the products above from my website (, you will be entered into a drawing to win a third product absolutely free!

But, you must act fast because the winner of this drawing will be announced this Friday at 11:00 AM EST. All orders must be submitted by 08/18/17 at 10:00 AM EST to qualify.


So, let’s talk about how we can jumpstart you back to health and get you the right products for your health goals. Text PLEXUS to 234-206-1599 today for a free consultation. It’s time to put your health first! Can’t wait to hear from you.

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** At Plexus, we are 100% committed to your health and happiness, and want your absolute satisfaction as a Plexus customer. If you are unsatisfied with a product, you have a full 60 days from the date of purchase to request a full, prompt refund. No hassles, no questions.



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