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Network Marketing is for EVERYONE!

I practiced law for a decade: Network Marketing is for busy professionals who value time freedom.

I have pastored for a decade: Network Marketing is for compassionate leaders who enjoy helping others.

I am a #wahm with four small kiddos: Network Marketing is for those who need flexibility.

I’m still a girl who wants to have fun: Network Marketing is for people who love to travel, work with friends and have a great quality of life.

It’s perplexing how many people have preconceived notions about Network Marketing (and in some companies they may hold true) but Plexus is in a class all by itself:

  • It’s not a pyramid because you can actually advance pass your sponsor. 
  • You don’t have ridiculous quotas or sales demands. 
  • You work at your own pace to reach your own goals. 
  • No parties or home shows every weekend. 
  • No deliveries and inventory stacking. 

You simply use your products and share what you love about them with others. But, the really rewarding part comes when you get to help others reach their health and wealth goals. With 11 ways to be paid, Plexus really is the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Visit to learn more and inbox me with your questions. Can’t wait to celebrate your new journey! You will rock this! It is my privilege to help you excel.

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