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Funny Story

My husband was believing God for another son though ten years had past since I had our first child. We had two girls and one boy but he was believing for yet another. I told him, “Dear, you have until I turn 40 and then it’s a wrap.” 

Like clockwork, we conceived just 3 months before my deadline and I gave birth to a healthy baby boy at age 40! Who does that besides celebrities??? 

I did the math and realized, I would be 58 when he graduates from high school, and probably in my 60’s when he gets married and has children. 

I evaluated my current health and lifestyle and recognized, if I wanted to be healthy and active for this child throughout his life, I would have to make a change . . . for real.

So I researched, prayed and discovered Plexus to help me revolutionize my life. I am tearing up with gratitude thinking about just how everything about my approach to health and wellness has changed because of these products.

Unlike you, I never had anyone to tell me about these supplements. I didn’t personally know anyone who could testify about their experience. I just had to trust God. (The promise of the Plexus Money Back guarantee didn’t hurt either ☺️).

But you on the other hand, have me. You’ve heard my many testimonies and stories and witnessed firsthand how it has impacted my life. Who might you want to live for? How might you improve your health if you lost 40 pounds? How might you finally succeed at weight loss if your gut was healthy? Would you benefit at all from improved blood sugar, cholesterol or lipid levels? What would life be like if you could better manage your pain? Do you have any reason to make health and wellness a priority?

If the answer isn’t YES today, it may be tomorrow. When the time is right for you, will you return and tell me you’re ready? Will you let me share with you the products that helped me gain control of my eating, improved my gut health, increased my energy and helped me lose weight? I hope you find me credible enough enough to believe what I say of this company and these products is absolutely true. 

Tag someone that wants to begin their health and wellness journey so they can discover Plexus too.

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