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Attitude of Gratitude

We are approaching that time of year again . . . I will be celebrating my birthday again on March 12th.

Strangely, I am not desiring a bash or any fanfare. I’m desiring time to worship my Father for the gift of life and an amazing family to share it with.

What a beautiful gift? What else could anyone give me? What could compare?

On any given day, any person pictured here with me is getting on my last nerve:

Who takes my cell phone charger without my permission?

Who has a mouth that makes you want to rearrange their face?

Who only follows instructions after the thirtieth request?

Who knows how to agitate somebody to the point of no return?

Who will do something they know is forbidden but then offer the sweetest apology?

At any given moment, any member of my family can fit these descriptions to the T!

And yet, there is not one of them that I wouldn’t risk my life to save. I adore this peculiar group of people that God has joined me with under the heading “family”. The love is indescribable.

If the Lord blesses me to see them another day, make more memories, have new arguments, accomplish new goals, overcome new obstacles, then my birthday will be a blessed day.

I am grateful for another year. Happy another year of life aka Happy Birthday to me!

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