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Are you stunting your own growth?

First let me say that I take no pleasure in divulging my most personal experiences to perfect strangers on social media. Believe me, I do not. However, when I accepted my call to ministry, I relinquished control to my Savior to use me for His Glory. If it pleases Him, if it glorifies Him, I will tell it.

Today, as I witnessed my husband disciplining our toddler and wanted to rescue him, but did not, the Lord revealed to me his pleasure with my growth. I am reminded of a time early on in my marriage when my husband was trying to discipline my oldest daughter and I intervened. The most memorable disagreement erupted.

I called my good girlfriend looking for a shoulder to cry on but much to my surprise, she corrected me! She explained many practical and biblical truths about submission and how to maintain a strong and healthy marriage. It’s 15 years later, I am very happily married and I still hold those truths dear today. We continue to work very hard at presenting a united front before our children, and privately discussing disagreements in parenting discussions.

Of course, I could have taken offense to her correction. I could have decided I no longer wanted to be her friend since she disagreed with me. I could have determined to follow my flesh and say whatever I wanted to say whenever I wanted to say it. I could have went ahead and did it my way without heeding the Godly counsel I had received.

Oh but I give praise and honor to God that I am sensitive to His Voice and His Correction. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom. I fear blatant disregard of instructions. If He gives me an opportunity to self correct, I eagerly jump at it! I dare not willfully go about a restricted path and wait for Him to have to correct me!

Today my heart is troubled for those that either do not recognize this or choose to do it anyway and gamble on the consequences. It will stunt spiritual growth. It will block blessings. It will lead to very unpleasant consequences. I pray that today someone’s heart will be turned to try it God’s way.

Reject the itching ear. The one that seeks out confirmation of only what you want to hear. The one that goes from person to person seeking approval of wrong. The one that hops from church to church hoping to avoid accountability. Settle yourself before God! 

Ask God to speak to you through those He ordained to be in your life. Whether it’s a child, a parent, a friend or a leader . . . be determined to hear the voice of God concerning all things and do what is needed to abide in His Will.

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