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How exactly did I get here? . . . my journey uncovered

I am uber-excited to be attending my FIRST ever Plexus event this weekend!!!

I don’t think I have ever publicly shared how exactly I came to be a part of Plexus. I’ll share it with you:

One day, I was on the internet doing some personal growth and development and I registered for a webinar training with a well-known network marketing trainer.

During the training, she shared some success stories of various people she coached and the name and photo of Sara Marble jumped out at me.

I was led to do some additional research on this “success story” because I in part wanted to verify the veracity but I also felt a special leading to do so.

I winded up stumbling upon a video ( that was titled Diamond Documentary and I was absolutely floored. I was drawn in on so many levels.

First, I felt the presence of Christ convicting me to dream bigger. I could see how his hand was upon her life and how He blessed her to be a blessing to others.

Then I felt the challenge. Would I believe God to do the same thing in my life? I wrestled for several weeks because I was already a part of a direct sales company that I loved dearly.

Finally, after much prayer and confirmation from my husband, I answered the challenge and went to her site and signed up to become an Ambassador on June 15, 2016.

Please understand, I had never even heard of Plexus before and I had never even spoken to this woman, but I just trusted God.

I hesitated for a moment and thought of trying to find someone else closer, but I felt a strong conviction that partial obedience would be disobedience.

So, I inboxed her to let her know I was the newest member of her team and when we spoke I instantly saw why God chose her to lead me. Our spirits connected immediately.

So, now I am a part of this organization where I know no one and my sponsor is down south and I am up north, but praise God for the internet! I have never felt closer or more connected!

But finally, I get to actually meet the people with whom I am joined in destiny and purpose to improve the quality of life for thousands, starting with my own.

Six months later I am more than twenty pounds lighter, healthier, happier and filled with hope to dream bigger than I have ever thought possible.

I am inspired to inspire others to join me on this journey because it has been life changing and I want everyone I know to experience the health and wealth possible with Plexus.

If somehow, you made it to the end of this story, perhaps you have been inspired to DREAM BIG. Perhaps you have been inspired to join Plexus too.

Perhaps you would like to join us this weekend for the Opportunity meeting or perhaps you have heard from the Lord clearly as I did and just need the website to get started (

Just know that wherever you feel like God is leading you, you must be willing to trust Him and obey to discover His plan for you. It’s so much bigger than you can even imagine. Trust Him.

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