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Did you give up???

This has always been my motto. Speak what you seek until you see what you say. It seems even modern day politics lends evidence to this proposition.

Let’s dissect a related aspect of the election from an observational aspect—not a political aspect. (That means take it for the academic example illustrated and nothing else). Trump was a candidate that was not persuaded by the reports of the media or the polls. He remained vigilant pursuing his goals and wrote his own headlines. 

This is something that often becomes hard for many of us to do. We establish goals, but when we face criticism, when people we thought would support us don’t, when we see numerous obstacles and hear countless naysayers, we begin to doubt the dream. The pursuit then fades and then of course the goal escapes us.

Today, I want you to focus on your goals, your dreams, your hopes and your aspirations. Then I want you to put pressure on your mouth to speak what you seek until you see what you say.

Trust me, you will look crazy along the way! People will think you lost your mind! Family and friends may even try to persuade you to turn back or change course. But stay focused. Wake up daily and write your own headline in your journal and speak it.

I believe in you! You will reach your goals not because of people but because of God. If He put the desire in your heart, He is able to direct you and bring the right people along your path to help you achieve it. 

Don’t believe the hype! God alone is in control and you can do all things through Christ who is your strength! Come out of misery and pity and get back into your strength. You got this!

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