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New Year’s has long been the traditional time for making health- and fitness-related lifestyle changes. But, what if you started making those choices before the holidays?
A study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine1 showed that most of us are at our healthiest—and leanest—before the holidays. If you get started now, by the time New Year’s rolls around, you’ll be way ahead of the game—instead of trying to make up for weight gain during the holidays.

1. Resolutions can bust stress

Beating the scale, or your personal best in the weight room or at the track, isn’t the only reason to start your healthy resolutions now. The healthy habits you start now might just be the glue that helps you hold it together during the holidays. (Even if this is your favorite time of the year, and you really do love dealing with Uncle Bob, the upheaval is still stressful.)
The best healthy habits are the ones you keep long-term. Or, that you look forward to. Your holiday self-care plans don’t have to be big and spectacular and should include flexibility to accommodate for the changes of the season.
Taking a brisk walk around the block to visit with relatives as they arrive is a great way to stay healthy, keep your stress levels down, and get in some quality family time. What about challenging everybody to a fun game of paintball (how’s that for a way to blow off holiday stress), a 5k race (Turkey Trot anyone?), or bumper cars: home team vs. visiting relatives?

2. Build momentum

If you struggling with your weight, you’re probably worried about packing on extra pounds during the holidays. Instead of stressing about your weight, along with all the additional stress the season naturally brings, set yourself up for success by building healthy habits now—this way they’ll be locked in by the holidays.
Enter Plexus TriPlex™.
Plexus Slim®, BioCleanse, and ProBio 5 combine to optimize your health where it counts, in your gut. And, TriPlex helps with weight loss too. In a large scale, independent clinical study, TriPlex was shown to help participants lose weight safely.* TriPlex now and you’ll be on your way come Jan. 1.
What happens if you slip up?
It happens to everybody. Because you’ve started so far in advance, it’ll be easier to get back on track. Those who haven’t established healthy habits heading into the holiday season run the risk of slip-ups becoming a habit themselves.

3. Explore other resolutions

Weight loss isn’t the only New Year’s resolution you can carry into your pre-holiday resolutions. If you’ve ever dreamed of resolving to do good for others, the holidays truly are the perfect time to get started—especially if you have kids. What better lesson in “sharing is caring” could you offer than volunteering to help out in a soup kitchen or gathering care packages for a local homeless shelter?
Now’s the time to be the best you

It’s cliché to say you’ll never be younger than you are in this moment, but it’s true. The minute you start thinking of life in those terms, it makes it a little easier to carpe your diem—seize the moment and be the best you possible every day. We think that’s what should be at the heart of every healthy resolution.
Resolutions shouldn’t be about redeeming yourself from the perceived sins of a holiday season past. They should focus on the wonderful qualities and abilities you want to highlight in yourself, or that you may be nurturing for the first time.
There’s no reason to wait, and every reason to get started right now.
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