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Ready for Holiday Weight Gain Season?

Plexus is different.
But I’ve tried so many diets and all I do is waste my money, you say — Plexus is not a diet. Plexus is not a weight loss program. (That’s why if you are already on a diet or program Plexus could still help you).
Then if it isn’t a diet how will I lose weight? — Plexus Slim regulates your blood sugar. Once you have balanced blood sugar amazing things happen for your body. It stops craving things that it previously wanted, which in turn helps you to make better choices.
It’s why I eat the right portions now. It’s why I was able to walk away from a 20+ year coffee addiction. It’s why I haven’t had a carbonated beverage in 4 months. It’s why I can eat pistachios in place of Doritos and not feel like I’m missing out.
It helps your body lose weight naturally and at a healthy pace. I don’t want you to expect to lose 15 pounds in 10 days like you might on a starvation diet, fast, cleanse or whatever. 
You will initially lose water weight and then actual body fat, not muscle, at a healthy pace probably of 1-2 pounds per week, if you are eating moderately and consistently taking your products and drinking your water. Results are even better when you add physical activity and exercise! That’s been my personal experience.
Of course, results are individual and based on the food intake, exercise and consistency of the user. You still need to do your part and be patient with the process. You cannot undo years of abuse in a couple of months. It will take time.
The good news is, we can start now. This is the weight gain season! Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas parties and cookies, New Year’s drinks and festivities. It can be a weight management nightmare.
Let’s start reversing the damage now. Don’t wait and add to it! The New Year Resolutions are great but you can begin your health and wellness journey anytime. Can we start it today so we can add your weight loss victory to the testimony book?
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