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Plexus Worldwide Recognized for Top Health Companies and the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America in 2014 by Inc. 5000


Plexus Worldwide is a health and wellness company that was recently recognized by Inc. 5000 as a leader in health, ranked at number 2 for Top Health Companies and one of the fastest growing companies in America that was ranked at number 8 in 2014 by Inc. 5000. Revenue has increased from $965,699 in 2010 to $159.9 Million in 2013 with a growth rate of 16,458%. Inc. 5000 rankings are based on a three-year growth rate with a minimum of $100,000 the first year and a minimum of $2 million the 3rd year, and are open to privately-held, independent, for profit companies.

Plexus Worldwide is debt free and is projected to be a billion-dollar company in 2015. Plexus Worldwide has additionally been recognized by Morgan Stanley in 2013, the company was featured in the July 2014 issue of Success from Home Magazine, it was listed as the Top 100 companies by Direct Selling News in April 2014 and in March of 2014 the company hit a record breaking month with a revenue of $30 million.

It is an exciting time for Plexus Worldwide Ambassadors with the recent success of this company and the health products that are available. There is a growing need for health and wellness products considering the health crisis in America that is witnessed across the internet and news. The most popular products are the Plexus Slim, X-Factor Multivitamin, BioCleanse and ProBio 5 which are natural plant based.

One of the diseases facing many Americans today is Candida and detoxification products are a key factor in helping the digestive system. Candida is known as the 20th Century Disease. Author Jane Remington addresses this health epidemic in her book Recaging the Beast, The Disease Behind the Disease: The Yeast-Fungal Connection. “The sole purpose of fungus is to recycle its host back into the earth. Candida is a yeast like, parasite fungus that feeds off of sugar first taking over the GI Tract and then the stomach. Candida damages the immune system so that it cannot function. A fungus-infested gut is the prime environment for disease to manifest. The immune system is what keeps a person healthy, protecting the body from infection and disease; when it is battered by fungus, it can no longer keep a person healthy; 80% of the immune system comes from the gut. Candida yeast fungus overgrowth causes symptoms in the digestive tract or gastrointestinal system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, reproductive and urinary system, musculoskeletal system, skin, central nervous system, eyes, ears and mouth and there are many diseases connected to Candida. It is the Disease Behind the Disease, The Yeast-Fungal Connection”

About Plexus Worldwide 

Plexus Worldwide is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, it was founded in 2006 and specializes in health and wellness products using a one of a kind direct marketing model to drive sales. Products totaling 13 with plans to add more in the coming years. The most popular products are the Plexus Slim, X-Factor Multivitamin, BioCleanse and ProBio 5. The BioCleanse and the ProBio5 are the detoxification products.

For additional information contact Alicia Lytle, Independent Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide at or visit

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