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For best results, follow the recipe!

Having made spicy pulled chicken last night, I make a quick grocery store run to grab the ingredients for a sweet potato chicken hash tonight.
Here’s the thing, dried thyme was pricey, so I briefly contemplated leaving it out. Then I considered substituting it for something else.
Then I remembered a principle that applies to so many areas of life. I decided if I am going to invest in all the other ingredients, don’t try to cut corners at the expense of the end result. What if this minor alteration offsets the entire flavor profile and makes the entire meal unpleasant after all that work and effort. Why not follow the instructions? At least the first time around. Then once I’m knowledgeable about the dish, the flavor profile, etc. if I care to make changes I will at least understand the impact on the outcome.
Far too often in life, we receive a recipe for success but we want to go tinkering with it, making alterations and changes with insufficient experience and knowledge to do so. Oftentimes, the end result is we mess things up. Sadly, we say things like “that recipe wasn’t good”. The reality is the recipe was just fine—you just didn’t follow it!
Let us be careful not to alter that which is already specifically formulated to bless us! 

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