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Should you leave your home undressed?

As I finish up my devotion this morning I want to share an error I made yesterday that could have cost my family our lives.

We had important meetings planned and I slept longer than I should have so I skipped my devotions and we darted out the door to recapture lost time. My entire day was filled with spiritual attacks that we didn’t see coming. 

First, while my husband was driving we got pulled over for speeding. If you haven’t been buried under a rock you know that can lead to death nowadays. But God kept us! The officer though annoyed with our speeding and terrible excuse rebuked us for not waking up earlier — and he was absolutely right — and did his job and cited us and sent us on our way. We switched drivers and now I was responsible for safely and lawfully navigating the roads.

We made it to our meetings which went great and picked up our daughter from a sleepover. My entire family (except the toddler in daycare) were in the car. I was in an unfamiliar area and I approached an intersection where I presumed oncoming traffic had to stop as I did. Add to that the fact that I was fussing and very concentrated on making a point.  Guess what — oncoming traffic did NOT have to stop. Had my husband not belted out “STOP”, a collision would have resulted and I doubt anyone could have survived the impact.  That car was coming so fast. But God kept us!

I know better. The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy. He wants to tear apart marriages, pull kids away from their families and upbringings and cause our lives to end before our purpose is fulfilled. So our responsibility is and must be to be equally diligent, if not the moreso in covering our families in prayer.

Of course, I repented and I gave God thanks and praise for His hedge of protection. This is not the first time that He has dispatched heavenly angels to protect me in spite of my shortcomings. This is why it is so vitally important that we all know we need God. I don’t care what your title is, or how long you’ve been saved, none of us are perfect. It’s by His grace that we live and I am committed to live for Him. 

I just want to encourage you to draw closer to Him and if like me, there is any area of your life that you know you have failed to do what God desires of you, simply say this prayer:

Lord, I am sorry. I desire to be who you created me to be. I know there are times that I don’t follow your instructions which has jeopardized my life and the life of others. Yet, You have loved me unconditionally and in spite of my mess. Please come into my heart now and reside with me. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. Teach me to hear your quiet whispers and harken your voice. Help me to follow your Ways and to understand obedience is for my own protection. Most of all, Father be pleased with me and let me bring glory to Your Holy and Sacred Name. I love you and I thank you for who You are in my life. In Jesus name, Amen.

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