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What they don’t tell you about Plexus Slim

My husband and I recently started taking Plexus Slim to help us reach our weight loss goals. I was amazed by the simplicity. You just take out one packet, pour it in your bottled water, shake it to mix, and drink what is now a berry flavored ‘pink drink’.  I have already noticed that my cravings for things I don’t need has diminished.  But, here is what I wasn’t expecting . . .

That my desire for coffee would be extinguished!!! What! Wait! But, I have a voluntary coffee addiction that I wasn’t prepared to end.

It all began in law school. Back then the go to spot was Arabica. (Are they even still in business?) Me and my BFF (she was a teacher) would meet there and work (and drink coffee) A L L  N I G H T  L O N G. If it wasn’t coffee, it was a coffee type mocha, cappuccino or something. I love coffee! I have loved coffee for over 20 years!

My personal trainer had mentioned I put a lot of cream in my coffee. (I ignored her — at least I used Splenda instead of sugar).  I drink six or more cups a day with all that sugary flavored cream.  I suppose my calorie intake from this alone was out the roof. Factor in my frappes and my coffee drinking might have been a little…should we say, excessive?

But, it’s a habit now (or was). Old habits are supposed to die hard, I thought. I do remember when I was pregnant my craving for coffee altogether disappeared. I never imagined when I began my weight loss journey, though, that it would come down to this. That, I would say goodbye to my first love.

I’m really impressed with Plexus Slim for helping me break a 20+ year habit in 3 days.  For me, it is absolutely doing what it is supposed to do.  For now, I am enjoying one cup of coffee each morning BEFORE I drink my Plexus Slim, since I know that once I do that coffee thing is just not happening.  I also stop craving pop, juice and so many other sugary drinks I previously couldn’t resist.




Well, I guess it’s me and the Pink Drink now. Time to get fit!

(Ask your Plexus Ambassador for more info or visit to learn more)

3 thoughts on “What they don’t tell you about Plexus Slim

  1. Plexus Slim keeps me going when nothing else can!

  2. It’s always exciting to hear good things about the pink drink! I am off coffee and soda thanks to Plexus Slim!

    1. It’s changed my life. Thanks for sharing your pleximony! 🙂

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