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My journey to improved health has begun

So, I have been saying “next week” I will begin my fitness journey for about two years now. After significant procrastination, I took a hard look at several photos recently taken and confessed it’s no longer “baby weight”. CJ will be 3 in September. I also acknowledged I can no longer wait. I am just adding on the pounds and building more bad habits. Now here comes the easy part, I prayed and asked God for guidance. He showed me the right way and I am happy to report that I took the first step in faith. I’m really excited.

Needless to say, I am looking for a few people to take the journey with me. I know the Lord will help me reach my goal whether I am alone or with a crew. It’ll just be far more enjoyable to have a group of friends I can share the ups and downs with. My husband is just the most supportive man on the planet. When I was pregnant he had ‘sympathy symptoms’ I think they called it, and he even gained weight with me! lol What haunts me is the rumor that he’ll probably lose it in a flash and leave me fighting to rid every pound! Is that so?! (Someone please explain to me why it’s easier for men to lose weight?)

Any who, I looked in to quite a few weight loss aids and after prayer found that the right one for me is Plexus Slim. I placed my first order today and I can’t wait to get and start my Pink Drink! I’ll be posting a photo as soon as I mix my first drink! I am so excited!!!! Of course, I’ve combed the Internet reading independent testimonials and I can’t wait to create my own success story. I’d love to hear your recipes on all the great ways to enjoy Plexus products. I’ve read about some smoothies? Or maybe I better stick to the water bottle?

The 21 day challenge I’m in will begin soon so if you’re thinking about starting your own journey to better health with me, swing by and get your Plexus Slim and Accelerator Combo or Plexus Slim and Boost Combo soon. I’ll provide the challenge details in a separate post. (I’ll also give you the Facebook link, if you let me know you’re interested).

I am beyond excited about what the weight loss will mean for me. I’ll be able to paint my own toe nails again for crying out loud! I’ll be less susceptible to diabetes and joint pain and a host of other illnesses that often accompany obesity. I won’t have to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe…my clothes from last summer apparently shrunk. 🙂 More importantly, I’ll have the satisfaction of reaching an important goal that I have postponed for too long.

Feel free to drop me a note of encouragement. I was quite the cheerleader back in my day. An encouraging word, and even a prayer for my success, would just make my day. If you know me, you know there will be pictures and progress to follow. I can do all things through Christ, He truly is my strength. Thanks for rooting for me and joining me!

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