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When hurts are healed

How do you truly know when a hurt has healed? For one, when you encounter the one that has wounded you and the feelings of anger, malice or ill-will that you may have expected to arise do not. Instead, the love of Christ springs up in you and you’re able to exude true joy. 

You may think it’s not possible, but I am a living witness that our God is able. He heals the broken-hearted. There is no wound that Jesus cannot heal. Whether it was a church hurt, a divorce, a molestation, or any other attack that hurt you to your very core. If you give it to Him, He will heal you.

First, you MUST forgive. Forgiveness is not for them, it’s for you. No matter what it was, no matter how entitled you are to be mad—start by forgiving them. Like, now. Release the hold they have on your emotions. Forgive. 

Then, ask God to heal your heart. Cry out to Him. Do not, I repeat, do not talk about the offense to anyone and everyone that will listen. Do not, post it all over Facebook and social media. Every comment, every conversation, delays the healing process. It’s like picking at a physical wound that’s trying to heal.

Live each and every day by God’s grace, casting your cares upon Him…He truly cares about you. As you abide in God and His Word, and begin to delight yourself in Him, you will find the memories begin to fade and you are gradually made whole. The peace of God surpasses all understanding. It’s unexplainable.

I just want to say if you stumbled upon this post and made it this far, God wants to heal you. Jesus came that you might have life and have it more abundantly. You deserve to be free. Let go of the past and press forward to the bright future ahead of you. Forgiveness is such a beautiful gift…give it so you can receive healing and the peace of God. What a great exchange!

If you have a testimony, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. We serve an awesome God!

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