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My sincerest sympathy to my fellow direct sales sisters

As a professional in the direct sales industry, my heart sincerely goes out to those affected by the closing of Silpada. 

It may be hard for others outside of our industry to understand that the implications go far beyond the loss of a stream of income. Women develop strong bonds and meaningful relationships with one another in direct sales companies, much like a sorority…we form a sisterhood.

To be notified that your company is closing in a couple of months can be heartbreaking for anyone that has truly invested themselves in their brand.  To someone who has built a team or a thriving business, this can be financially devastating as well. It is clearly a difficult situation for the leadership, staff and consultants of the company.

Needless to say, my heart ached when I learned of the news. Yet, what I found to be troublesome is many individuals view their tragedy as their opportunity. So now, desperate direct sellers are on the prowl to recruit these colleagues on the heels of this emotional discovery before their business has even closed! 

I believe that if people know better they can do better. Perhaps, they don’t realize that it is hurtful, tacky and unprofessional to flood women’s inboxes and timelines with the opportunity to “join their team”, on the very day they receive such sad news. Would you ask someone to marry you on the day their spouse died? That may be melodramatic but it makes my point.

I would encourage anyone in the industry to ‘pray’ for them, not ‘prey’ on them.  One day you will discover, you are most likely to become successful in direct sales when you truly care about other people.  We have the awesome privilege of being able to help people solve problems with our products and services and help others meet needs by doing the same.

If we could just concentrate on being in position to help as many people as God sends along our paths, there would be no need to pounce on wounded targets.  If we could just pray for our sisters, if it is meant for them to join our business they will do so when the time is right.  I just pray that someone is moved to be different…while everyone else is preying, can you be praying?

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