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A Good Man Is Easy To Find



My family and I celebrated my mother’s birthday and supported a few of our members as we attended a play at the Playhouse Square this weekend.


‘A Good Man Is Easy To Find’ was presented by Sam Sylk, and written and directed by Nathaniel Burge, who is also a member and pastor at Excel Church.


The incredible gifting and talent in this young man is truly amazing. The vision he had and the manner in which he directed the cast to execute it—communicating powerful messages in a digestible and enjoyable manner—is clearly a gift given by God.


Of course,  I was proud of Pastor Nate (as we call him) and Sister Melody, who leads our praise and worship team at Excel Church, but it truly goes much deeper than that.  The play did an outstanding job of tackling real life issues while provoking thought, yet leaving us with a real answer and making us laugh all the while.


A fair number of those laughs were cleverly and even spontaneously delivered by ‘Nana’, who embodied our old school grandmothers with down to earth wisdom and brutally honest mannerisms that make you laugh so hard you cry real tears.


Undeniably, the most impactful performance of the night occurred as two men of the cast sang a powerful duet.  We went from the play to the altar of God in about 30 seconds as an anointing filled the room like you would only expect to experience at a spirit-filled church. Be not confused though, the singing **throughout** the entire play was phenomenal.


We had an amazing time and even had an opportunity to catch up with some great people.  It was not just a play, but an inspirational, comical, enjoyable experience that proved…a good man truly is easy to find if you are looking in the right place.

Have you seen the play? I’d love to hear your comments below. (***no spoilers***) lol

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