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My Amazing Transformation

Can’t you see the change!!! Before you say ‘YES’ just to humor me, I am talking about a transformation that is actually not possible to detect in the photos.

You see, in the “before” photo I am a happy customer of Traci Lynn Jewelry, and had been for several years, for a few reasons:

One, I love being unique and was absolutely drawn to the bold statement pieces in the collection. When I walk out the door in this jewelry, the compliments begin to flow.

Two, I love great service and appreciate whenever I can spend my dollars somewhere that shows appreciation of my business. When you purchase products from direct sellers, you get that direct connection and service I prefer.

Three, I am a softy for supporting small businesses. My consultant at the time was a single mom with a son in college. I knew that every time I purchased something from her, it became a little easier for her to support her son through school.

But then one day something changed. I converted from customer to consultant. (It’s an interesting story I’ll have to blog about someday, but I feel compelled to stick to the point today…the transformation). I now have my very own business with Traci Lynn Jewelry.

I know it isn’t visible to the naked eye, but in the “after” photo is a changed person for several reasons. I’ll share a few:

First, I was the biggest fish in my fish bowl. Please note: this is NOT a good thing. Until I became a part of this business, I didn’t have regular interaction with other successful and accomplished women. Yet, this is a crucial element to ongoing personal development and growth.

Second, I really didn’t have mentors. (Though related to the first its actually different). It’s one thing to be inspired by being around other successful people, it’s another thing to be coached and mentored by someone who is where you aspire to be. You would be amazed at what you can accomplish when you are tethered to people who are invested in your success.

Third, I had become an anti-social introvert.  If you’ve ever had your hand to the plow building a career, or growing a church or raising a family, maybe you know what it’s like to be in a bubble…laser-focused on what you are trying to accomplish without enjoyable human interaction. When I found myself being productive while having a great time, making new friends and traveling to new places, I realized this was something I needed as well.

Of course, my direct sales business pays me financially with profits, commissions and bonuses essentially for wearing the jewelry I was already buying, but for me it does so much more. It’s about what the money and experience affords me:

  • Financial freedom
  • Flexibility of time
  • Friendships
  • Recognition
  • Personal Growth

I can honestly say that the latter is most important to me. So I proudly display my before and after photos to you because I am proud of the woman I am becoming since I stepped out on faith and began my business with Traci Lynn Jewelry. This was way more than I expected…we are far more than jewelry.

I’d love to help you begin your transformation today.

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