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Excel Church exposed

She started with, “I felt a heaviness on the leaders.”

Sidebar: See that’s the issue when you are in the presence of true men and women of God. You can put on an outward appearance, but they can discern what is truly going on.

Then she plainly identified the cause of the burden saying, “you see people come and people go.” I wonder if people have any idea how painful that can be to their spiritual leader? When you truly care for someone and are invested in their spiritual growth and development, and they disappear without a trace or so much as a “goodbye”.  Over the years, the effects can be heartbreaking.

Then she said, “you see when things are working and when things are not and still have to remain constant, and sometimes that can be a challenge.” Now, I feel as if someone has just wrapped their arms around me and gave me a big gigantic hug.  Leaders are not moved by their emotions, so they move forward to do the will of God even in spite of how they feel. In spite of being sick, or tired, or hurt — or having inadequate resources, people, equipment, etc…yes that can definitely be a challenge.

But then she unleashes a prophetic word… “God said tell my people to keep on coming, keep on pressing for I am about to do something in this ministry.” It’s amazing how God knows when you just need to hear His Voice. For He tells us in His Word not to become weary in well doing because in due season you will be rewarded if you don’t faint. Now, I’m touched by the power of God. It’s like He came down from heaven and put his hand on my shoulder and said, “don’t be weary, it won’t be long now…it’s on the way”.

God continued, “You guys have been faithful. Through it all you guys have stood. Even through the tears, even through the people coming and people going. You have been constant.” Hallelujah! You mean, you have seen my love for you? You mean, you have counted my tears? You have monitored my long-suffering and have counted me as faithful and constant? Glory! Yes, my friend! Even when it looks like no one sees, cares or understands, God does and He is going to give you beauty for ashes!

God said, “I am about to blow your mind!” I believe you Lord. “This ministry has been hidden but I am about to reveal you. I’m about to set you upon a hill. I’m about to open up some doors. People are going to be coming, as you have been declaring, from the North and the South because they need to hear the powerful word being preached through you, Pastor Charles and Pastor Alicia.” Do you know how vitally important it is to make faith confessions over your life, even when it doesn’t look like what you’re declaring will ever come to pass!?!?

Then the Lord concluded, “I am going to expose you…to the world, to the nations!” Instantly, the spirit revealed to me that would be a two-edged sword. God has been preparing me for this moment little by little. Even this blog was a step in this process because I am a private person. With any elevation comes a persecution that I’ve candidly wanted to avoid. Are you ready to endure whatever your process is to possess what God has for you? I am ready now.

God is exposing our ministry. He is taking us into a new dimension. He had shown us we would be a multi-cultural mega church. I have always envisioned blacks and whites and Hispanics and various cultures worshiping Him together. Not us over here and them over there…a coming together of His children in a way that demonstrates to a lost nation that we serve the true and risen Savior. Our time has come. The elevation is near. Will you cover our ministry in prayer?

Are you ready to excel?

(Thank you so very much Ericka for allowing the Lord to use you. You blessed me tremendously).

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