Who doesn’t love concert recitals?

I have to be totally honest. As the mother of four small children, the oldest being just thirteen, the word “recital” had become frightening.

It normally means I have to try and keep my toddler quiet for hours while a never-ending parade of children I have never seen before hit the stage and sing songs with a ‘unique’ melody or key.

It is my parental duty nevertheless, so I bravely made my way to my 7th grader’s school with my mom while my husband kept our other children at home. As I listened, I was amazed and overcome with emotion.

What started as screeches in 3rd grade has matured to a joyful melodic sound that was quite pleasing to hear. The string orchestra was fantastic. I was proud and honored to have witnessed the evolution.

I even enjoyed listening to the performances of other children. They were professional and polished and entertaining. My how times have changed. Maybe, I have grown a little too.  I am learning as I am teaching others to never judge the process.  When we are disappointed with results of anything, we must be reminded to keep going….it will only improve if we keep trying.

I am also reminded that we are watching our children develop before our eyes and this time will be gone before we know it. What an honor and privilege it is to be a parent and to have children attending top notch schools with a fine arts education. Thank God for recitals, thank God for growth. Who doesn’t love recitals? #ladypastorpreneur


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