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Where are the Independents when you need them!?!

It’s interesting, I stay as far away from politics as I can…and I graduated from Spelman College with a Bachelor of Arts as a ‘poli sci’ major (that’s slang for political science).

I suppose I discovered too many disheartening aspects of the political process, or maybe I just learned that this is a very hot button topic that it’s best to stay away from.

Call me crazy, call me whatever you like, but today I break my silence. Where are the independents when you need them!?!

I mean as a younger woman, I was a very compartmentalized person (maybe to many years of practicing law). As I get older, I don’t worry so much about categories and boxes, it just goes where it fits.

But where do I fit? There are times I have voted Republican, and there are times I have voted Democrat. It appears there is some unwritten rule that if you are a Christian you must be a Republican and if you are African-American you must be a Democrat.  I guess I missed the memo…I vote my conscious after seeking the Lord.

It looks like I’ll be doing a lot of fasting and praying this go around. It appears we have Hillary Clinton, who I admire greatly for her accomplishments as a woman. But something about the way Benghazi was handled just doesn’t sit well with my spirit. Then we have Donald Trump, who I respect as an accomplished businessman. Yet something about his demeanor and background concerns me about how he would handle the power of the presidential office…okay, I’ll go so far as to say frightens me just a tad.

As I was growing up, every blue moon there would be an Independent presidential candidate gaining momentum while exhausting much of their own money as they funded what appeared to be a hopeless campaign (remember, Ralph Nader).  Most of us perceived these candidates as a nuisance, taking away votes from the “real candidates”.  But now, I don’t think any of us would mind another choice.

Putting personalities aside, my beliefs don’t fit in either box squarely. I am unapologetically a Christian. I believe in God’s Word. I don’t try to bend it to appease people or ignore it to follow an agenda. His word is just sovereign and true and it may offend those who choose to operate in their private truths.

So I find it hard to fully align with a party that seems so committed to maintaining personal wealth that the needs of the poor and less fortunate are disregarded, but I find it equally hard to fully align with a party that seems so committed to inclusion that our moral and spiritual principles are eroded. Ugh!!!!!

Where is an upright, honest, principled independent candidate when you need them? This is where I am reminded of my faith. Did Daniel have God’s grace on his life when Nebuchadnezzar was king? Did Joseph have riches and honor under Pharoah?

As children of the living God, we must believe God can provide for us, protect us and fulfill His purpose for us, no matter who is elected to be our president. We are not in control, God is. Could this all be a part of His plan to draw His people closer to Him?

I certainly will draw nigh. Will you join me in praying for our leaders? Can we pray for God’s will to be done? Can we pray that no weapon formed against our great nation will prosper? Or maybe we should pray for a very nice independent candidate to rise up? 🙂

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