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Looking Ahead

Wardrobe: Ashley Stewart     |     Accessories: Traci Lynn Jewelry     |     ladypastorpreneur

Have you ever been so inspired by your God-given assignment that you spent as many hours of the day as possible trying to complete it? The type of assignment that you wake up with plans and ideas on your mind and go to sleep eager to wake up and do some more?

That’s the feeling I have for the journey of ladypastorpreneur. I have books I must birth. I have motivational products I must package. I have books I must read. I have events I must attend. I have assignments that I can look forward to progressively accomplishing each day…and never feel tired.

Have you discovered your purpose? Do you know what God needs you to do right now that will give you great fulfillment and transform someone else’s life. I challenge you to give that some thought. I have found that as you delight yourself in living for God, He will give you the desires of your heart.

What is it that you really desire of the Lord? Could it be that it will only be uncovered once you shift your focus from it to Him? I pray you do. I’m ready to see you excel…and apart from Him there is no other way to do that.

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